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Rolando Toro about The Art of Living

Open Class ● THE ART OF LIVING ● June 24, 2018



Timetable: sunday from 11.00 to 14.00 o'clock.
Contribution: Early entry € 10; Ticket office € 15

Didactic teacher:

Yvonne Sep

Place: La Bioteca - Calle la Gloria 98 - El Palmar (Murcia)
Information: +34 622 46 80 28 also Whatsapp

Biodanza invites us to express ourselves in everyday life and connect with the superabundance of life, its free resources, affluence and pleasure. This fullness is born from the organic set of vital energies unfolding with full meaning in the world. With our dance we understand the art of living that leads us to health as an expression of the cosmic order, of the evolution of life.


According to Rolando Toro, creator of Biodanza, the artist is the person who has the need and the courage to fructify, the ability to transmit life to colors, lines, words and sounds. The most intrinsic characteristic of a work of art is that of "staying alive". We are all artists, because we all have an artistic potential and the ability to create, to transform our lives.



Your dance is you


The image expands in carresses

The foetus transforms into an angel rising from the tears


Your dance is the voluptuous revelation of your most intimate mystery

Your personal version of the origin of the world

 (Rolando Toro)



Biodanza facilitates the opening to a reconsideration of life project in terms of vocation, couple and family, place where one lives, listening to the inner voices and adapting ourselves healthy to collective inclinations, without violating individual needs. We know how to transform our energy into love potential.


We can participate in this evolution of life, in the universal order, beginning by creating our own life as a work of art. Let's practice in daily life with a conversation, a spontaneous dance, breakfast, a caress to our partner, etc.


For all the people who want to Biodance the art of living and who have an interest in the training! This workshop is also a good opportunity to meet Yvonne, the school principal, some students and team members.


See you soon and a big hug,