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Biodanza, System Rolando Toro Your dance of life


Biodanza® was developed in the sixties by the psychologist and anthropologist Rolando Toro of Chile. It is a system that helps us to know and develop our potentials in a fun, groupwise and connected way with life. You move the way you like and within your possibilities. With support of the music you encounter the beauty in yourself, in others and in life. Something happens through the contact ... without words, because during the session we don't speak.


The transformation through Biodanza is not a mere reformulation of values, but a true transculturation, a learning on an affective level, a limbic-hypothalamic modification. 

(Rolando Toro)


It is not possible to understand Biodanza in a cognitive way. Only by experiencing it during a process of profound transformation can we understand its intention and its importance. Biodanza facilitates the integration between our thinking, feeling and acting, in harmony with the world and other people.


Biodanza stimulates the five lines of 'vivencia', which help to create our own transformation. Through the 'vivencia' we recover the experience of the 'here and now', induced by music, movement, dance exercises and the group. In short, Biodanza helps us in the process of creating the life we really want.


The Biodanza system of Rolando Toro has spread all over the world. In Spain there are 14 Biodanza® schools and throughout the country people dance weekly in Biodanza groups. There is also the Association of teachers "Biodanzaya". For more information: