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Rolando Toro about being a Biodanza teacher

Murcia - Identity of the School


The school in Murcia would like to be known as a quality, loving and transparent school, a school that reinforces our pleasure to live. In the school of Biodanza SRT you receive a high level professional training in which you will prepare yourself as a teacher of Biodanza SRT.


"The formation of a Biodanza Teacher consists essentially in discovering a mission, transmitting the state of grace, showing new ways to exercise love and awakening the enlightened conscience. Frequently people carry a false identity. They reduce their existence to the demands of an environment impoverished or toxic". (Rolando Toro)


Yvonne Sep (born in The Netherlands) has followed the dream of her husband Cesareo Garcia Juez (of Spanish origin) to return to his motherland. In January 2009 she received the license of the International Biocentric Foundation (IBF) to start the school of Biodanza Rolando Toro System (SRT) in Murcia.


With her roots in Holland, she has opened the school with a cooperative identity that goes beyond the borders of Murcia or Spain.


Are you interested? Contact Cesareo or Yvonne!


mobile: + 34 622 46 80 28 (Yvonne)

           o + 34 633 60 61 61 (Cesareo)



During the first year, new students can begin with modules. Until the third year it is not necessary to have the aspiration to be a Biodanza teacher to be part of the Murcia school group. It is possible to do the first two years for your personal and human development. You are welcome to dance with us for a weekend and intensify your Biodanza experience.


The admission criteria are:

• participate in a weekly group of Biodanza SRT

• send a letter that explains your personal and/or professional motivation to participate in the training

• sign the registration form and the regulation guide of the school.


In Spain there are 14 schools and in many of its towns and cities people dance on a weekly base in a Biodanza group to which they belong. The teachers of Biodanza who have trained and taught according to the Rolando Toro system, endorsed by the IBF, are associated in Biodanzaya. For more information: