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Regional Festival of Biodanza SRT

In honor of Rolando Toro Araneda, founder of Biodanza

Murcia, 22 April 2018


Timetable: sunday from 11.00 to 14.00 o'clock.


Contribution: Early entry € 5; Ticket office € 8
Place: La Chimenea Escénica
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Regional Festival of Biodanza SRT


On April 22 we have our fourth Festival of Biodanza, Rolando Toro System (SRT) of Murcia. The opportunity to experience what Biodanza is if you have not yet practiced it. You move your way and within your possibilities. It´s a celebration and sharing of life with a multitude of 'Biodanzantes'. 


Festive events are held during the month of April around the world for the International Day of Biodanza in honor of Rolando Toro Araneda the creator of Biodanza (the International date is April 19, birth of Rolando Toro) and to share his dream of a humanity that embraces itself with joy of life.



"I dream of a humanity where people embrace and kiss eachother with the joy of beining alive, where the feeling of loneliness does not exist, where each recognizes the sacredness of the other. And I know that this is possible, it is only necessary that it is not a dream of one, but a vision of many."

Rolando Toro Araneda



It is a special day open to thank Rolando for his valuable creation of the Biodanza system, for his life, for his great heart, for his dream of the whole planet dancing. A day of joy to come with your friends, family, colleagues, etc. Join us!


We reserve 20 percent of the Festival's income for the SON-RISAS of RITSONA project, collaborating with the Ayeklauwn and the Friends of Ritsona Associations of Murcia, which aims to improve the living conditions of refugees and migrants who are trapped in the refugees camps from Ritsona (Greece) and its surroundings.


The Biodanza  Festivals of Spain are held as an annual event by Biodanzaya, which is the association of Biodanza SRT professionals in Spain.



With your ticket you can enjoy:

● La presentación y sesión de Biodanza en el Festival

● Two weekly classes to try for 10 euros both

● An open class of our school



Hereby the details where to buy tickets at 5 euros in advance:


Cesareo Garcia Juez: +34 633 60 61 61 (Cartagena)

Encarna Forca: +34 692 04 09 97 (Murcia)

Estrella Urtubi: +34 639 69 21 65 (Mula)

Jose Carlos Alcazar: +34 634 41 73 16 (Áquilas)

Juani Guardiola: +34 669 18 24 14 (Cieza)

Yvonne Sep: +34 622 46 80 28 (Mazarrón)



For more information in English, contact Yvonne. You can also register by mail and buy your advance tickets by bank transfer.


 Phone/Whatsapp: +34 622 46 80 28 (Yvonne)


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