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The Biodanza® school and the IBF


In January 2009, Yvonne Sep received the license of the International Biocentric Foundation (IBF) to start in 2012 the school of Biodanza® Rolando Toro System (SRT) in Murcia. Now there are 14 schools in Biodanza in Spain. These schools are supervised through the IBF.


The IBF is responsible for ensuring that the theory, program, methodology, regulations, duration and professional conditions are the same throughout the world. In more than 25 countries there are already Biodanza schools according to the Rolando Toro® system.


In the past there are teachers who have separated and created their own dance system: Sometimes with another name, sometimes with the same name of Biodanza. Always pay attention to this logo with the heron to avoid confusion.


The training of a professor of Biodanza® Rolando Toro System is a process that needs maturation and personal experiences. Biodanza is not a system that can be done in a mental and/or quick way.


The regulations of the schools are governed by the IBF. Some of its regulations are: Students of training schools must attend seminars at their own school. Seminars that have been lost, for justified reasons, must be recovered in the next course of formation of the same school.


The IBF also offers the possibility of recovering a maximum number of two modules per year in other schools. Students must submit, after completing each module, a brief written summary of the topics covered, including a theoretical and experiential part, as well as their comments and personal reflections.