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Contact and caresses  19-20 May 2018


Didactic Teacher:

Yvonne Sep

Timetable: saturday from 11.00 to 21.00 o'clock; sunday from 10.00 to 18.00 o'clock.
Contribution: € 100 per module in advance (includes certificate, material, vivencias y conferences). In case you can not attend a module, you will pay this equally, which entitles you to recover it in another Biodanza SRT School or in the next cycle of the Murcia School. If someone wants to come without expressing this commitment, they can do so by paying € 150 per module.
Place: Residential weekend in Centro Vivencia of Ifre (Mazarrón, Murcia)
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Contact and caresses


On May 19-20, 2018 we have the module Contact and Caresses as an extra special weekend before starting with the methodology after the summer holidays. The weekend consists of 4 vivencias and 3 theory sessions, in total about 12 hours. Yvonne Sep, the school director, teaches this module to familiarize you with the concepts of contact and caresses in Biodanza.


At the end of this module you can understand the important role of contact and caresses in our lives, know scientific principles and other principles of contact therapies, understand the therapeutic role of Biodanza through contact and caresses and much more.

In the School of Biodanza SRT you receive a superior professional training, in which you prepare yourself as a teacher of Biodanza Rolando Toro System. The training cycle includes 30 weekends (28 modules and 2 special seminars), which will take place on a monthly basis. You receive a booklet and a certificate for each module.

To be part of the group it is not necessary to have the aspiration to be a Biodanza teacher. It is possible to do the first two years of training for your human and professional development.


You are also welcome when you want to dance with us to deepen your experience of the weekly classes of Biodanza. We invite you to dance your life as you really are. In the third year you choose whether or not you want to become a teacher.


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 For more information, contact Yvonne or Cesáreo


Phone: +34 622 46 80 28 (Yvonne) or

+34 633 60 61 61 (Cesáreo)