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School of Biodanza SRT of Murcia

The transformation through Biodanza is not a mere reformulation of values, but a true transculturation, a learning on a level of affectivity, a limbic-hypothalamic modification. (Rolando Toro)


At the Biodanza School you receive a high level training in which you will prepare yourself as a teacher of Biodanza Rolando Toro System. It is a progressive process that needs a maturation and personal experiences. It is possible to do the first two years for your personal development.


The admission criteria are:

• participate in a weekly group of Biodanza SRT

• send a letter that explains your personal and/or professional motivations to participate in the training

• sign the registration form and the normative orientation.





The school in Murcia would like to be known as a quality school, equally loving and transparent, a school that reinforces our pleasure to live and our professionalism. Also in Murcia there are dance systems that are using the name of Biodanza, without the supervision of the IBF. Therefore, it is important to understand the differences before you choose your training.



The Biodanza SRT training program comprises 30 weekends (28 modules and 2 special seminars). The price of each weekend is € 150. If you want to repeat a seminar, the price would be € 75. It is possible to do the first two years of the School only for your personal development. In the third year you choose whether or not you want to become a teacher.