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Rolando Toro about the Biodanza teacher

Rolando Toro


‘Biodanza is enjoying the intensity of the moment. When we are present in the here and now, life becomes a fantastic experience and every moment is delightful’.


Biodanza® was developed in the sixties by psychologist and medical anthropologist Professor Rolando Toro. Rolando was born in 1924 in Chile and on 16 February 2010 he died in his homeland. He was also a poet and painter, and has published several books of poetry and psychotherapy.


According to Rolando, his most intimate profession was to be a poet. Rolando mentioned Biodanza as 're-education in love'. He has lived during the Second World War and he was moved by the terrors and the destructive capacity of the people in that war. This commotion forged the source of his work of life: the development of Biodanza as a system where life is at the center and lived intensely.


Background He was trained as a teacher of basic education in the School "José Abelardo Núñez", Santiago de Chile in 1943. He taught in the cities of Valparaíso, Talcahuano, Pocuro and Santiago (Chile), between the years 1944 to 1957. In 1964 he graduated from the School of Psychology of the Pedagogical Institute of the University of Chile.


He has been in charge of the Chair of Psychology of Art and Expression, and at the Aesthetics Institute of the Catholic University of Chile. As a professor at the Center of Medical Anthropology, at the School of Medicine of the University of Chile, he has conducted research on the Expression of the Unconscious and on the States of Expansion of Consciousness.


He has been named Professor Emeritus of the Open University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Between 1968 and 1973 he began his experiences with Biodanza (called in this period Psychodanza). He applied this system in the Psychiatric Hospital of Santiago and in the Aesthetics Institute of the Catholic University of Chile.