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About quality and the School


The transformation through Biodanza is not a mere reformulation of values, but a true transculturation, a learning of affective intelligence, a limbic-hypothalamic modification. (Rolando Toro)


It is not possible to learn about the Biodanza system in a cognitive way. Only by experiencing it during a process of profound transformation we can understand its intention and its importance. Rolando Toro, the founder of Biodanza, has created a training of a high level as an art in which the transformation allows the development of the great wisdom and responsibility which is necessary to teach. Only those who have experienced these profound vivencias can guide the experience of the other.


This training is carried out during a cycle of 3 years, one  weekend once a month, together with the attendance to regular group classes on a weekly basis. In this way Biodanza transforms the student's life organically. It is the way to integrate the system with the intelligence of your heart, of your emotions, of your body, of your cells. It is the way to create the possibility to transmit Biodanza to other people.


Biodanza Rolando Toro System (SRT) is the original system of Biodanza that Rolando Toro created and is the only system that has recognition by the Biocentric International Foundation (IBF) and has been certified with EU trademark registration and has international validity, not in vain it is a system already present in 35 countries and in 14 schools of Biodanza SRT in Spain.


You can dance every week with groups of Biodanza SRT in many towns and cities. The teachers of Biodanza who have trained and taught according to the Rolando Toro system, endorsed by the IBF, are associated in Biodanzaya. For more information:


In the past some people created their own dance system; sometimes with another name, sometimes they use the name of Biodanza, sometimes with a training of only one week ... So, to avoid confusion and before choosing your Biodanza training it is important to know the differences in the program and the quality.


Always pay attention to this logo with the heron to ensure that Biodanza is the official system. For Rolando Toro himself chose the heron as the symbol of Biodanza. Look for Biodanza with denomination of origin, look for the seal of the heron of the Rolando Toro System and the BiodanzaYa logo. It is Biodanza with roots, it is Biodanza in network.




In our Biodanza School of Murcia you receive a training to teach according to the Rolando Toro system. The quality of the Biodanza SRT training is manifested in:


Supervision through the  International Biocentric Foundation (IBF), which is responsible for ensuring that the theory, program, methodology, regulations, duration and professional conditions are the same throughout the world.


The quality of the training is evaluated collectively in networks of official schools of Biodanza SRT, with headquarters in many countries, with relationships of many teachers around the world, to which the Murcia school belongs.


The titles awarded by these schools at the end of the training have international validity. This international qualification enables the Biodanza SRT teacher to work anywhere in the world as well as to use the Biodanza name and logo.