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The Biodanza SRT Association of Murcia



The Association is a meeting place to facilitate the union, coordination and cooperation between people and groups linked to the Biodanza System Rolando Toro in the region of Murcia.


Its objective is to achieve recognition of the biodanza teacher as a profession by the EU and promote/integrate the practice in the society. Its mission is to contribute in making Rolando Toro Araneda's dream come true: “A planet that dances together”.


Linked to other regional, national and international associations, we follow the shared responsibility of the nine tasks of the biodanza teacher that Rolando Toro Araneda presented at the first Latin American Encounter in 1989.


● To focus on creating and being part of a united Biodanza worldwide movement, i.e. harmoniously working together towards a common purpose
● To replace destructive conflicts with friendly and constructive communication


To improve the communication systems (i.e. more correspondence, accommodation exchanges, gatherings, parties and field trips) in order to increase reciprocal collaboration


● To ensure that students meet the requirements to become a certified Biodanza Teacher as set in the Regulations
● To carry out admission tests to assess the intellectual and affective conditions of prospective students and future facilitators
● To ensure that students´ theses are oriented towards scientific research and systemic thinking
● To work towards the recognition of the Biodanza profession with a National Accreditation Body​


● To organize into local grassroots groups and communities
● To create and/or consolidate National Biodanza Associations with greater administrative autonomy


● To create Applied Biodanza Institutes in different fields within medical and scientific institutions, e.g. motor rehabilitation, asthma, allergies, hypertension, gerontology, and so forth
● To open spaces within the scientific community and thus increase access to the benefits of Applied Biodanza


● To place greater emphasis on Biodanza for children, adolescents and families
● To offer special Biodanza courses for the rehabilitation of young drug addicts
● To raise awareness of the need for biocentric education, self-expression, and the preservation of the instincts


● To offer Biodanza in nature
● To develop Aquatic Biodanza 
● To awaken a visceral connection with life
● To participate in ecological movements


● To develop sensitivity
● To engage in various forms of artistic self-expression e.g. ceramics, painting, poetry and music
● To expand one´s general knowledge, e.g. learn a new language
● To develop communication skills
● To increase one´s personal maturity


● To develop awareness of human rights
● To stand firm against racial, sexual and economic discrimination
● To participate in world peace initiatives
● To offer socially-engaged Biodanza as part of the fight against poverty



When you want to know more about Biodanza or the Association, contact us.

+34 633 60 61 61 (Cesáreo)