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Murcia, the training of the Biodanza SRT School

In the school of Biodanza Rolando Toro System (SRT) you receive a high level professional training in which you will prepare yourself as a teacher of Biodanza SRT. During the first year, new students can begin with modules.


Until the third school year it is not necessary to have the aspiration of being a Biodanza teacher to be part of the group of the school of Murcia. It is possible to do the first two years of the training for your personal and human development. You are welcome to dance with us for a weekend to intensify your Biodanza experience.


The second year is the heart of the training program and the group is dancing a process of deepening and integration as part of learning. When dancing, we invite you to experience your life as you really are. In the third year you choose whether or not you want to become a teacher.


La formación de profesor de Biodanza SRT es un proceso progresivo que necesita tiempo para que se de necesita una maduración y vivencias personales. Por eso, la formación se realiza durante un ciclo de 3 años, en seminarios intensivos de un fin de semana al mes, junto a la asistencia semanal a clases de grupos regulares.


The teacher training of Biodanza SRT is a progressive process that needs time for maturation and personal experiences. Therefore, the training is carried out during a 3-year cycle, in intensive seminars of one weekend per month, together with the weekly attendance of a regular Biodanza group.


In this way Biodanza transforms your life organically, the system integrates in your heart, in your emotions, in your body, in your cells. Read more about the quality of Biodanza SRT >>>.


The training cycle includes:


28 monthly weekend modules with a duration of 12 hours
2 special seminars
participate in a weekly Biodanza group
guiding a regular group or a social action project with a minimum of 8 supervisions
final elaboration of a thesis, and its presentation before a table composed of didactic teachers.


The admission criteria are:

* participate in a weekly group of Biodanza SRT

* send a letter that explains your personal and/or professional motivation to participate in the training

* sign the registration form and the regulation guide.